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So, you have decided to invest your money in a property in London. Since London has no further or limited land to develop and demand exceeding supply, this is not a bad choice. But it all depends what you buy, where you buy and at what price you buy.

Where do you start?

The traditional estate agent is acting for their clients, ‘the seller’. We work for our clients, ‘the buyer’. It seems very logical but is it? If a buyer normally wants to buy a property, 9 times out of 10 they end up at the local estate agents for advice. Remember the agents work for the seller’s best interest, not yours. They have one objective and that is to sell what is available, not necessary what you require.

That’s the reason why Assen Residential London has been a great success. Buying property is a huge investment and in most cases the biggest investment you will ever make. What you need is a property expert advising and caring for you and your money. 


Far too often we have seen buyers in extremely vulnerable situations due to their lack of area knowledge and/or being out of touch with the current property prices. We will simply make sure that you are fully informed so that there are no nasty surprises! We will negotiate hard on your behalf to agree the price at a fair and realistic level.

We also recognise that most foreign buyers are completely dependent on the internet and struggle to find the time and commitment to ideally carry out their research. We offer this commitment and to carry out this research on your behalf in order for you to make that difficult and final decision an awful lot easier.


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